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The Greatest Series in the History of COD eSports?

The stage was set at MLG Dallas as the world’s two most lethal teams matched up in the grand finals. Optic Gaming had stormed through the winners bracket, sweeping aside top teams including their main rivals Faze Clan. EUnited had lost narrowly to Optic earlier in the tournament, but went on a fantastic losers bracket run where they beat both Faze and EnVyUs to make it to the finals. For EUnited, the MLG Atlanta champions, they had their work cut out if they wanted to lift the trophy. They would have to conquer the Greenwall in not one, but two best of fives.

For Optic, their main man Scump had been on fire all weekend, leading the team with great performances and great leadership. In Gunless, EUnited had the young superstar to thank for making it to the final, thanks to his tremendous slaying ability. So the stage was set, in what would be a repeat of the final in Atlanta.

2017-03-20 (3).png

The first game was Breakout hardpoint, and Optic took it with conviction. The final score was 250-67 and it looked as though the boys in green were going to wrap this one up early. If the first game was great to watch, the second was even more spectacular. EUnited were 5-1 up in Throwback search and Destroy and needed only 1 more round win to tie the series 1-1. However, Optic had other ideas. A run of 5 straight rounds gave the Greenwall a massive comeback. The crowd were going wild and it seemed to everyone that one more game and Optic would be champions. Their rivals, led by the veteran leadership of Silly, had other ideas however. EUnited seemed to come to lifer and went on a run of 3 straight game wins to win the series and take us to a second best of five.

2017-03-20 (2).png

The crowd couldn’t believe it, Optic couldn’t believe it, and the hundreds of thousands watching at home certainly couldn’t believe it. This final had already gone on much longer than most people expected it to, and we were only just getting started.

The second best of five was almost a mirror image of the first, Optic went 2-0 up in the series with comfortable wins in Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. And then, just like the first series, EUnited came storming back. They scraped through the Uplink in overtime and dominated in the hardpoint, so it really was anyone’s game. As the deciding game started, the atmosphere was tense. Nobody knew who would come out on top.

In the end, it was actually very anticlimactic. Optic, led by the veteran Karma, claimed victory in the last game with ease, playing their best Call of Duty of the whole tournament to win the Search and Destroy 6-0. And so after 3 hours of the greatest grand final Call of Duty has ever seen, the Greenwall prevailed, and added to their win at ESWC Paris last month.

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The Greenwall Prevails in Paris

The Call of Duty community had barely recovered from the thrills and spills of MLG Atlanta last weekend, before the whole show moved east to Europe for ESWC Paris. There are only a couple of events in Europe across the season, and so each one is special. The favourites going into this one were Atlanta finalists Optic Gaming and EUnited. Faze and EnVyUs were also lurking in the background should either of these sides slip up.

It was a three horse race right from day 1, with Optic, EnVyUs and Faze all looking unplayable, and they were dominating the smaller teams from the off. Just like last week, there were some shocks and surprises from the start. Cloud9 would have been hoping for a better performance than last week in Atlanta, as they were one of the first teams to fall in bracket play. However, it was not to be as they fell at the same hurdle in the French capital.  Nobody quite knows what has happened to C9, but they need to pick up their form soon otherwise it’s going to be a long season for them.

In contrast, the European teams performed very well over the whole weekend on their home continent. Fnatic shocked everyone by making it into the further stages of the tournament. However, the biggest surprise was that British team Infused, led by Glaswegian MarkyB, came fourth overall. Couple this with their run last week in Atlanta, and this is looking like a very good season for them indeed.


EUnited failed to replicate their success back home in the USA, and had a disappointing tournament, falling a lot earlier than expected. Rise Nation managed to rediscover the form that won them MLG Vegas, coming in at a solid third place.

In the end, it all came down to a showpiece final between the two big boys, Optic and Faze. Both teams had swept aside the competition over the weekend to reach this stage. It was Optic that had the advantage going in to it, as Faze would have to beat them in two ‘best of fives’, whereas Optic only had to win one. As it turned out, Optic didn’t need two series to beat their opponents, instead they swept Faze 3-0 to claim a third successive ESWC championship. In fact, one of the Optic roster, Crimsix, has now won the event 5 years in a row with three different teams. Watch the final moments here:

It may not go down as one of the greatest tournaments of all time, but it was still a great weekend of Call of Duty action nonetheless. All eyes now turn to MLG Dallas in a few weeks time, which is set up to be a massive battle for success where anyone has the chance of taking home the crown.




Domination: The Rise of Optic Gaming

Quite often in sports, there will be one team that dominates over all others in terms of talent and finances. eSports is no different.

The business empire that is Optic Gaming stretches right across eSports, with the brand recognised the world over. 

Created in 2006 by two friends playing Call of Duty 2, it has developed into something that they could never have dreamed of, and the success of the organisation is clear to see.

Optic currently has a team for four separate competitive games: Call of Duty, Halo, and the recently acquired Counter Strike and Gears of War rosters.

All four of these teams compete right across the world at the highest level of eSports, and are easily recognised as some of the very best eSports athletes in the world.

One recent example is the Optic Counter Strike team, who have just been crowned winners of ELeague, where the best teams in the world compete for huge cash prizes. The league is so popular that the final between Optic and Astralis was shown live on American network TV.

This was a huge achievement for a brand which was only conceived around 10 years ago, and it is not only TV that is exposing the OG name.

Both former and current Optic players are some of the biggest stars in the YouTube gaming scene. Some examples are listed below:

Optic Nadeshot – Former COD player – 2.8 million subscribers

Optic Scumpii – Current COD player – 2.1 million subscribers

Optic Hecz – Owner of Optic Gaming – 800,000 subscribers

Optic Hitch – Optic Content Creator – 140,000 subscribers

This clearly highlights that almost every sector of the OG franchise has an internet presence in some way, which is especially important in today’s society.

The rise of Optic Gaming is something that is rare, even in the world of eSports. If they continue with this level of growth and fame, it’s many members could become very, very successful indeed.

Here are some links that show the diversity and size of the Optic brand: