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eSports and Real Sports… is There a Link?

From what you have read on this blog so far, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that eSports and physical sports are vastly different and are in no way related. However, in the past few years, these two differing sides of the spectrum have slowly been making links, and bringing the two closer together.

One of the first major sports to start links with its gaming namesake was football. Specifically, many teams in England’s top leagues have delved into this new opportunity.

Both Manchester City and West Ham have signed top FIFA players to their club. They see this as a great way of extending the club’s brand into a growing industry that is very popular among young people in particular.


German side Wolfsburg are taking eSports very seriously indeed, having signed on a number of professional FIFA players in recent years. Wolfsburg Managing Director Thomas Röttgermann has come out and said: “For us, eSports was a win-win situation – we could be a first mover and create new and innovative content for our young fans at Wolfsburg, and also get more fans into eSports. We want to show we take eSports seriously.”

One other sport that is embracing the technological age of sports is Formula E. As this is a relatively new Motorsport, only conceived five years ago, it has had no trouble appealing to the younger generation. Coming up this week is Formula E’s VISA Vegas eRace, where Formula E drivers and eSports athletes will go head to head in a simulated race. If you think this is just going to be a small event in a back room somewhere, you are sorely mistaken. The prize pool for the race is a whopping $2 million, so this is being taken very seriously indeed by Formula E organisers.


eSports may not be anywhere near as popular as regular sports yet, but with the links that are being made by sports all around the world, it might not be long before competitive gaming comes into the norm.