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Is COD eSports Really Global?

When people think of gaming and competitive eSports, they tend to think of Asia, for one reason or another. Maybe it’s their technological advancements, or maybe it is that they are proven to be some of the best gamers in the world. Whatever reason, this stereotype may be true for certain games such as League of Legends or DOTA, but is completely different from COD eSports.

Call of Duty in fact has almost no influence and following in Asia. Instead, it is most popular in North America, Europe and Australia. That is because this is where all professional teams originate from. In the past, the competitive scene has been dominated by North American teams, but European and Australian teams have grown in popularity and success in the past few years.

North America has dominated with teams such as Optic Gaming, Faze and Team Envyus. These teams can be made up of players of different nationalities, but are based in the US. These teams have been able to attract the best players in the world through their success and the US lifestyle. The majority of COD audiences also live in America, so are more likely to support teams based there. The majority of tournaments are also held in America, in places such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlanta.


Although COD eSports is not nearly as popular in Europe, their are still some top teams that hail from there. One prime example would be Team Infused, who have enjoyed some success in recent years against some larger opposition. This team happens to include Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland, the only Scottish player on the competitive COD scene. Some of the yearly tournaments are held in the UK, with the most prominent of these being the Gfinity Masters, which is held in London during the summer.


So although the basis of competitive Call of Duty lies in North America, it is not as if the whole scene takes place there. COD eSports can definitely be described as a global community, and hopefully this will only continue to get bigger and better.



Sports Indoors?!?! The Rise of Competative eSports

When most people think of competitive sports, they think of mud and sweat, team games or individual trials being played out in the pouring rain. However, this is a common misconception in today’s society.

There is a new kind of sport gaining in popularity, one which can be competed in from the comfort of your own home, possibly with a mug of tea and a few chocolate digestives at your side.


It’s a growing phenomenon which is easily confusing to people who are not used to gaming, technology, or anyone over the age of forty. “People can make money just from playing video games?” they exclaim! They certainly can, and not just make money, but become very successful individuals.

eSports is growing in popularity at an exponential rate, partly due to the increasing availability of the internet, as well as the demand from young people for immediate entertainment. Live streaming has become an integral part of eSports, with tournaments being watched by hundreds of thousands of people right across the world.

Not only do the players and teams compete for huge prizes in tournaments, they can also earn revenue through advertising on social media, sponsorship and many competitive gamers also maintain very successful YouTube channels. One prime example of this would be Seth ‘Scumpi’ Abner, who is the Captain of Call of Duty team Optic Gaming. Scumpi, as well as being considered the best Call of Duty player of all time, has a YouTube channel boasting over 2.1 million ‘Scumpscribers’.


In essence, the competitive eSports scene is only just starting to gain momentum, but for those who are sceptical of the movement’s merits, the next few years could lead to them being proved very, very wrong.