What Would Improve eSports?

Over the past seven weeks of this blog, I have not been shy about praising the eSports scene. It truly is a remarkable community of like-minded people who all have the same interests and all enjoy eSports in every sense of the word. However, like everything, there are some things that could be improved about eSports, and I have outlined some of my thoughts and opinions below on how to make this remarkable community even better.

For some strange reason, all competitive events and tournaments have an age limit. This is for both playing and even for just watching the action. This is just a mind-boggling rule, as most spectators on the eSports scene are in the 15-18 age bracket, which means a lot of people are missing out on the experience of live events and getting to see their heroes in real life, instead of on a computer screen. If the age limit was taken away, the events would be much more popular than they are now.


Continuing the theme of events, most can be very expensive and very hard for fans to get to. Tickets for events can reach hundreds of pounds, and that is before adding in hotels and travel. In addition, events throughout the year are not spread evenly across the globe. For example, COD events are held mostly in the U.S, which is a very expensive trip for fans and teams in Europe. If events were held worldwide and were cheap or even subsidised for loyal fans, then turnout would be much higher than is currently.


In a world where equality is the buzzword, eSports is lacking in this in a major way. Women are heavily underrepresented in the community, with almost all players and coaches on the professional scene being men. It would be of huge benefit to the community if there was an incentive to attract more women, as this would increase the potential audience of eSports.


These ideas and thoughts are just my own, but if they were implemented, I have no doubt that they would do wonders for eSports and improve what is already a thriving and exciting community.


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