The Beginning of Infinate Warfare: MLG Vegas Review

16-18 December saw the first major event of the new competitive Call of Duty season, MLG Vegas.

MLG Vegas Main Site:

This was really the first time that audiences got to see the game being played to a high level, and it certainly lived up to all the pre-event hype. With $40,000 on the line for the winning team, the weekend was no joke for everyone involved. 

The tournament format was modified from the format that it was in last season, and it gave smaller teams a greater chance of success. Teams were placed in pools based on their rankings in the COD World League (CWL). These teams would competed against each other as well as the best amateur teams, who would play each other in an attempt to face off against the big boys. This made each match very exciting as it gave unknown players and teams a chance to shine on the big stage.

Throughout the whole weekend, every match was thrilling to watch, from the first match between Cloud 9 and Team Kaliber, all the way through to the Grand Final between the former and the eventual winners, Rise Nation (Logo Below).


The viewing experience online of the event was better than ever before, with viewer interaction a key focus between the tournament livestream and social media. All in all, the non-stop action and viewer enticing stream left me captivated for the entire weekend. To be honest, I didn’t do much else but watch Call of Duty for three straight days.

Below is a clip of just a fraction of the action from the weekend, and you can see for yourself what makes this community so popular.


Even though this was only the first event of  the new Infinite Warfare season, it showed huge potential for the year as a whole, and it has left competitive Call of Duty fans hungry for more.




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