Domination: The Rise of Optic Gaming

Quite often in sports, there will be one team that dominates over all others in terms of talent and finances. eSports is no different.

The business empire that is Optic Gaming stretches right across eSports, with the brand recognised the world over. 

Created in 2006 by two friends playing Call of Duty 2, it has developed into something that they could never have dreamed of, and the success of the organisation is clear to see.

Optic currently has a team for four separate competitive games: Call of Duty, Halo, and the recently acquired Counter Strike and Gears of War rosters.

All four of these teams compete right across the world at the highest level of eSports, and are easily recognised as some of the very best eSports athletes in the world.

One recent example is the Optic Counter Strike team, who have just been crowned winners of ELeague, where the best teams in the world compete for huge cash prizes. The league is so popular that the final between Optic and Astralis was shown live on American network TV.

This was a huge achievement for a brand which was only conceived around 10 years ago, and it is not only TV that is exposing the OG name.

Both former and current Optic players are some of the biggest stars in the YouTube gaming scene. Some examples are listed below:

Optic Nadeshot – Former COD player – 2.8 million subscribers

Optic Scumpii – Current COD player – 2.1 million subscribers

Optic Hecz – Owner of Optic Gaming – 800,000 subscribers

Optic Hitch – Optic Content Creator – 140,000 subscribers

This clearly highlights that almost every sector of the OG franchise has an internet presence in some way, which is especially important in today’s society.

The rise of Optic Gaming is something that is rare, even in the world of eSports. If they continue with this level of growth and fame, it’s many members could become very, very successful indeed.

Here are some links that show the diversity and size of the Optic brand:





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