Call of Duty eSports 2016: Bigger and Better than Ever Before

Competitive Call of Duty couldn’t possibly have gone any better in 2016. Although not the most popular eSport around, it boasts some of the biggest and best personalities in the industry.

This year saw it grow exponentially, with a huge increase in viewing figures, more teams competing than ever before, and bigger and better tournaments. This was partly down to the general success of this year’s game, Black Ops 3. The game proved to be a hit for competitive gameplay, and so this made it better to watch and understand for the fans.


The showpiece of the year for the competitive COD community was Call Of Duty XP. This was a tournament held in Los Angeles over 4 days which brought together every professional team from all corners of the globe. The overall prize pool for the event was a whopping $2 million, with each player on the winning team taking home a cool $200,000. Each team even got $15,000 just for turning up! And critics say that gaming doesn’t pay…

So you may be thinking, what could you buy with that prize money?

133,332 Mars Bars


290 iPhone 6’s


47,732 Gallons of Diesel


So being a professional Call of Duty player certainly has it’s benefits.

Overall, the year was dominated by three teams, Optic Gaming, Faze Clan, and there was a late resurgence from Team Envyus who won COD XP and were crowned Champions of 2016. Although this domination was evident, there was still lots of exciting competition to be had and it was always exciting to watch, no matter who was playing.

Here you can watch the Grand Finals of COD XP between Envyus and Splyce, just to see what all the fuss is about. Skip to the end if you want to see the passion and energy that accompanies this great industry…

I have to admit, there were some very late nights over the course of the year, not least during COD XP, as most of the games take place in the USA and it was just unmissable.

Call of Duty this year has exploded in the mainstream media and the whole community is excited to see just what 2017 will bring.



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